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Lamb for Sale

We offer the most consistent and premium lamb on the market. Our meat comes from young, ideally sized lambs with the perfect amount of marbling. Whereas most of the industry has shifted toward producing gaudy fat lambs, we harvest the type of lambs we would consume ourselves. Four to five months old and 100-125lbs, you won't find a more tender, succulent, or more flavorful lamb anywhere!



Compare options and find the best fit f​o​r you.

Whole Carcass



per pound

USDA Harvested and Inspected

Ranging from 50-65 lbs

Halal Harvest available

30 Mile Free Delivery Radius from Lodi, CA

Whole Lamb Cut and Wrapped



per pound

USDA Harvested, Inspected, and Packaged

Ranging from 50-60 lbs

Halal Harvest Available

30 Mile Free Delivery Radius from Lodi, CA

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