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Fire Control

Sheep are known for having one track minds. You guessed it; they LOVE to eat. All day. Every day. So during spring and summertime, we rent our ​girls out to graze your property for a day, a week, or month(s) depending on the property needing weed abatement. Cliche as it may sound, no job is too big or too small for our flock! Just give us a call so we can discuss pricing, logistics, and how soon you can enjoy some sheep on the property! 


Insatiable  Appetites

Sheep eat a lot, and we have a lot of sheep. We can graze hundreds to thousands of acres! Our ewes produce some of the most beautiful lambs around, so we want to make sure they eat until their hearts are content. We graze large lots such as landfills and waterways to make sure cities, counties, and private entities can naturally and effectively clear weeds and grasses.

Specialty Grazing on Smaller Scale


Solar farms are fantastic opportunities for sheep to graze as it is difficult to maneuver machinery for weed control which can often times spark a fire when mower blades strike rocks.

With our secure electric netting fences, the sheep can freely graze near roads and highways with peace of mind. The sheep do a great job cleaning up rural properties with a few acres. Keep the fire department letters at bay!

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